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Pricing and Booking fees

Learn more about our pricing and booking fees- We keep it simple with no hidden fees

CLIENTS / EVENT PARTNERS You will need to create an account with Stripe in order for our platform to transfer ticket sales funds directly to your account.

BOOKING FEES For all 'Tickets', we charge a fee of 7% per ticket. Fees are paid by ticket holders unless you choose to cover them.

PRODUCTS / MERCHANDISE For all 'Product/Merchandise' sales, we charge a fee of: 5% per item.

REGISTERED CHARITIES For all registered charities we offer a reduced rate of: 5% per ticket on all 'Ticket' sales

DONATIONS If you are collecting 'Donations' for a registered charity within an event, we charge a fee of: 5% per donation.

BOX OFFICE We recommend using the Stripe Terminal with our box office or input card numbers into the system to generate sales. This way all sales are managed within your personal Stripe account and refunds can be issued with ease.

When will I get my money?

All transactions on our platform are processed using Stripe. Stripe provides a simple way for individuals and businesses to accept card payments. By connecting your own Stripe account, you will have payments processed and deposited directly in to your bank account by them.
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