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The A.I. Tix Experience

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the Caribbean's newest ticketing platform!

A.I Tix (Artificial Intelligence & Ticketing) is a ticketing platform that promotes contactless and cashless sales and interactions whilst also gathering insights into consumer behaviour. With the use of RFID technology, A.I Tix creates an experience that doesn't just leave you at the gate but follows you throughout the entire event.

Register for our event and experience how we have fun responsibly.

Lead the way with RFID technology

Transform the experience and improve security with the latest smart wristband technology. Track your venue's capacity, verify access to areas and take cashless payments - all with just the tap of the smart RFID wristbands.

Our RFID technology makes it impossible to gain unauthorised access or share wristbands with multiple people, significantly improving security & efficiency

Add on ticketing for an end-to-end venue solution, or integrate our RFID technology with your current ticketing provider.

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